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Newcastle has an abundance of experiences to offer

The port city of Newcastle may be one-tenth the size of Sydney, but Australia’s second-oldest city punches well above its weight. Superb surf beaches, historical architecture and a sun-drenched climate are only part of its charm. Fine dining, hip bars, quirky boutiques, a diverse arts scene and a laid-back attitude combine to make it well worth a couple of days of your time.

For more ideas of how to spend your time in Newcastle check out the Visit Newcastle website and discover an activity that suits you.

History and Culture

One of the largest Churches in Australia. It is 72.5m long, 26.5m wide, 36.5m high.

Enjoy one of Australia’s historic theaters that hosts a wide range of concerts & musicals. 

Enjoy Newcastle Memorial Walk with its striking 360 degree view of the city and coast.

Explore Newcastle’s rich history of steel making, science activity centre and more.

Nationally recognised for one of the finest public art collections in Australia.

Novel and nostalgic way to explore the city, its beautiful beaches and historical sights.

Beaches and outdoor activities

Spectacular ocean view, up and down the East Coast and hosts many events. 

Learn to surf with experienced and professional coaching staff.

Horseshoe Beach allows dogs to enjoy a run and a splash from a safe harbour beach.

Slide down Flying Foxes, move from tree to tree on suspension bridges and more.

Walking trails, guided tours, canoeing, dipnetting, feeding talks & birdwatching.

Nature trails, wildlife exhibits, childrens playgrounds and recreational facilities.

Nightlife Entertainment

Argyle House was built in the 1860s, currently a popular night place. 

FogHorn Brewhouse features an 1800 litre capacity brewery with four serving tanks.

The 106 year old art theater houses some of the best Australian & international artists.

You will always find something fun to do!

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